Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, June 27, 2016

Incredible Week, New Mission President! June 27, 2016

   Hello everyone! I hope your week has been so amazing. Today for the
very first time I wrote to our new Mission President, President
Polley!  President Polley has asked us to think about some ways that
our previous Mission President and his wife, President and Sister
Slaughter, have impacted and inspired our missions and our lives. I've
deceived to share my thought about this with you all in my mass email
this week!

    I have known President and Sister Slaughter for about two months now,
and they have changed my mission and my life forever. I absolutely
love them with all of my heart. The Slaughters are so inspiring
because they have been the greatest example to me of being 110%
consecrated in the work; knowing that this time, is the Lord's time.
This is something I know the Lord knew that I needed to learn from

    Before my mission, I did not understand the value of time. In fact to
be honest, I wasted so much time! I spent most of my time watching
hours and hours of Netflix, or surfing Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram,
etc. on my phone. Putting my the time into a priority category was
something I utterly failed at.  On my mission I have grown and changed
SO MUCH. The Slaughters have taught me that this time is the Lord's
time; and it should be spent accordingly! In all reality, the time we
have here is so short- so we need to spend every second of it as
consecrated servants of Jesus Christ. I've come to learn that all
things I do on my mission relate to how I spend my time. I know that
being exactly obedient means that I need to be doing exactly what the
Lord has asked of me, and not wasting my time by doing other things
that would delay the work. I know that as I spend my time working as
hard as I absolutely can, and being as obedient as I possibly can- the
Lord will bless the mission work even more. Now that I know that this
time is not mine, but it is the Lord's- and I will spend it
accordingly.  Just like the Slaughters.

    This principle of "The Lord's Time" that I've learned from the
Slaughters will not only affect the rest of my mission, but the rest
of my life. When I return home, 18 months later, I will forever
consider my time as the Lord's time. There are so many things we can
do to further the work of the Lord even when we are not set apart
missionaries. We are given this time on earth from our Heavenly Father
as a probationary state.  I love my Heavenly Father so much and want
to please Him to the best of my fallen, human ability. I will always
spend my time according to the knowledge that it's actually not mine,
but it's His.

    Of course this is not the only thing that the Slaughters have taught
me on my mission, but it is one that sticks out very much to me
because it's something I personally needed to learn. The Slaughters
were always so inspiring and in tune with the spirit; they always said
things that I felt were answers to my prayers and my questions. I am
so grateful for them, and for all of their 110% consecrated and
devoted time and service to the Texas San Antonio Mission. They've
truly taught me the importance of being "All In"!

    I've been so blessed to have President Slaughter as my Mission
President thus far.  I know that I am also so blessed to serve with my
new Mission President, President Polley! The Lord qualifies who He
calls, and He calls people to a certain calling for a reason. I am so
excited to see the miracles that will come from this change in the

    I love you all! Please remember how much of a gift time is. Choose
how you spend your time wisely, because is it really YOUR time? The
Lord loves us so much! He wants us to succeed, and HE WILL help us!
Have the best week ever!! I pray for you all each and every day.

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. I love my
Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ so much. I owe them
everything, for they have given me everything. In the name of Jesus
Christ, Amen.

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