Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

He Know Each of Us INDIVIDUALLY - July 18, 2016

 Hello everyone! I hope y'all had a fantastic week and saw the hand of
the Lord in their lives!

    I felt so blessed this week; I know the Lord truly loves me. This
week we were able to have our first Personal Interviews with the new
Mission President, President Polley. I've been thinking a lot about
the things that were talked about in my interview, and I'm really
starting to see just how much Heavenly Father knows me. The area that
I'm currently serving in is a test of faith, there is A LOT of
finding! But the Lord knew that I needed an area like that right now.
Before my mission I was all about very instant-gratification. I wanted
what I wanted, and I wanted it without delay! My Heavenly Father knows
me well enough to put me in an area that instant-gratification maybe
isn't the "type of missionary work". I most definitely had some
patience, faith, and humbling to learn! ;) And now that I've been
learning and practicing my faith and patience, missionary work is SO
precious to me. When I do have my first baptism, I will treasure it so
dear to my heart instead of just having it be a normal expectation.
Heavenly Father knows us better than we even know ourselves! We are so
blessed to have President Polley as our Mission President, he is truly

    My area, Palo Alto YSA, is still coming along! As far as
investigators and baptisms go, we are still trying our hardest to find
every day. We are doing a lot of work in the branch right now, there
are a lot of members who need shepherding to come back to church.
Right now we are trying to work on making our branch more unified; we
will be having a devotional this upcoming Sunday evening, and we are
so excited. Our main focus will be on unifying the branch through
reverence and feeling the love of our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus
Christ. I really feel like as the branch gets more and more unified,
we will start to find investigators to teach and help prepare for
baptism! There's just a lot of inner work that has to be built up
within the branch itself first. I know that as we continue to have
faith and trust in the promises of the Lord, we will continue to see

    My sweet companion, Sister Martin, is still doing great too! Being a
trainer and a Sister Training Leader has really helped push her to her
full potential. Sister Martin is such an excellent example of
consistent faith to me. All throughout this big finding time we are in
right now, her faith is unwavering; I love learning from her amazing
example. And she is HILARIOUS!

    Let us always remember that everything happens in the time of the
Lord. Sometimes we want very blessings and miracles to happen, and we
want them now! But we often forget that our Heavenly Father and our
Savior Jesus Christ are all-knowing. They know what we need, and when
we need it. As we show our faith and love consistently, they will
bless us with even greater things than we could have imagined. Never
give up hope, your Heavenly Father knows you, and has a plan for you.
We must always watch for the hand of the Lord in our lives, because He
is always there!

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true
church on the earth. Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, and had
unimaginable faith. He translated The Book of Mormon through the
Priesthood Power of God, and restored the true church upon the earth
by that same power. The Book of Mormon is true, and as I read it, I
feel the spirit so strongly. I know that I have a Savior, Jesus
Christ. Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, the great Plan of
Happiness can be fulfilled. We have a loving Heavenly Father who knows
us and loves us. I am forever grateful because I am so blessed.

    I hope y'all have another fantastic week! The time is flying here, we
have transfers already coming up AGAIN next week! I cannot even
believe it. So y'all will know in my email next Monday if I'm staying
in Palo Alto, or getting transferred to a new area! I'm so excited to
see what the Lord has in store!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Freeman

-Zone Conference with President & Sister Polley
-Sister Martin & I in the car, waiting to be picked up by a member
-We had a few chances this week to eat dinner with families (which
usually never happens since we work with YSA, we rarely see families
and children!), and one of the little girls drew us this cute picture.
She was adorable!

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