Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Greetings y'all from Texas! - May 9, 2016

Hello everyone!  It's so great to be writing you this week from THE
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!  Here in Texas, the pride is real here.  I
have seen about a million "Go Spurs Go" flags here, the fans are real.
Everything here is about Texas.  Texas cookie cutters, Texas patterns
in the sidewalks, Texas billboards, Texas stickers on cars, my
goodness the list could go on forever and ever!  But! I. Love. It.
The people here have been so amazingly kind to us.
My first area is actually English.  At first I was sad, but I came to
realize later on that it is a mega blessing.  I have the best trainer
in the whole world!  Her name is Sister Martin, and she is the
kindest, sweetest person.  She's helping me so much to reach my
potential as a missionary.  We are over a Young Single Adult branch in San Antonio
right called Palo Alto, and I absolutely love it!

My new favorite thing is called creamed corn.  We had a Texas BBQ my
first night here, and it was the greatest thing ever.  The Tex Mex
here is real too.  The food all around is most definitely great.  The
people are amazing here as well, everyone just has such a big heart.

Really quickly before I forget, I want to give everyone my new
address.  I'd love to receive letters & pics from anyone who wants to
send them!  Mail makes my life, it's pretty typical for a missionary.

The mission has been great thus far.  Yesterday was amazing because I
got to FaceTime home to my dear, sweet family.  I love and miss them
so much.  They are all stunning.  Also I want to wish all the Mothers
out there a (late) Happy Mother's Day, thank you for all you do!  I
have had so many amazing women in my life who have done so much for
me.  But I really want to thank my mom who has given up so much, and
has supported me beyond measure my whole life and especially during
this mission.  Without my momma I'd be absolutely lost.  So thank you!

I'll share a quick story about a pretty cool thing that happened to me
and my companion on Friday night.  We had left our dinner appointment,
and my companion had decided that she wanted to go visit a less active
from the area book named Troy.  Well we were driving around, couldn't
find his apartment, and I was wanting to give up.  But my sweet
companion said "I got a feeling we need to find this one."  So we got
out of the car, and finally found the door to his apartment.  Right as
we were about to knock, we heard a super mad sounding voice say "What
are y'all doing on my doorstep?!"  We turned around to see a lady and
her two kids.  We told her that we were looking for a man named Troy,
and she said there's not a Troy here.  She seemed mad, so I thought we
were going to leave, but then my companion asked her if she had a
faith in Jesus Christ.  And she told us she did, and that her son who
was running around the grass, only had one leg, and the other was a
prosthetic leg. Needless to say, she asked us who we were, and why we
were teaching the gospel.  When she found out we were LDS she said "No
offense, but is that like the Amish or somethin?"  I tried not to
chuckle, I thought it was so funny ;)  We told her that we were not
the Amish, and a bit what we believed in.  The lady turned to me, and
looked me directly in the eye.  She said: "You look like you have so
much peace.  I can feel it from you.  I want your peace."  It was an
amazing experience for me to be able to share my testimony, and help
this woman and her two kids.  We have a lesson with her on Wednesday,
and she has agreed to read the Book of Mormon!  We invited her to be
baptized, and she said she would if she felt the Book of Mormon was
true!  The Lord's timing is amazing you guys.  Everything fell into
perfect place like dominos!  I cannot wait to have more experiences
like that out here.

Missionary work is amazing, and I wouldn't trade it for the world!  We
can all be missionaries.  I challenge you all to befriend or
fellowship someone in your life who is struggling.  We are all God's
children, and sometimes we need to be reminded that.  We are all here
on the earth together, working for the same goal.  To return to our
Father in Heaven.

I love my Savior.  Jesus Christ is the reason that the Plan of
Salvation works!  Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and an amazing man!
Through him, we are able to read the most true book in the world.
The Book of Mormon.  I encourage you all to read the Book of Mormon
daily.  And I testify, that if you do read it daily, you will begin to
feel so much closer with your Father in Heaven!  Because that's
exactly what happened to me.  I love you all!  Thank you for the
amazing support.

Con MUCHO amor,

Hermana Freeman

(Ashleigh's companion is the cute red head :) ).

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