Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hermana Freeman's Weekly Mass Email - May 16, 2016

Hermana Freeman ran out of time this week to write a group email, so I thought I'd share from some of her email to me:

This week my actual Spanish was put to the test!  IT WAS SO COOL!  We were knocking on the door, and this guy came out and could only speak Spanish.  So I just started talking with him!  I told him who we were, and that we were looking for his daughter who was in our YSA Branch, and we had a nice little conversation!  It was SOOO cool!  My companion and Stephani(The member who is amazing and always feeds us and came out with us) were just looking at me in awe.  It was so cool; I felt the gift of tongues in that moment.  Then we walked across the street literally a minute later... Ran into another guy who spoke Spanish! Same thing happened again.  I am really learning to LOVE Spanish!  Even though I am English called, I have one hour a day designated to my language study.  So it is definitely a blessing!

Ok so we had a trainer/trainee meeting up in Kyle (Which is pretty close to Austin) this week on Thursday.  It was a pretty far drive, and we were worried about having too many miles and stuff, but I'll get to that later.  So on the way, we saw this gas station that everyone talks and raves about.  Mom.  This thing is not a gas station.  This thing is MEGA!!  You HAVE to look it up on the Internet!  It's literally famous because of how giant it is!  It's called "Buc-ee's".  It literally has over like 40 gas pumps, and the store is bigger than a department store at the mall!  On the way back from the meeting, we stopped off to check it out.  It was magnificent  I was able to grab you a little somethin' somethin' for a late Mother's Day gift.  This place was like souvenir & gift central!  And they sold the BEST.  In the world.  Cinnamon toasted almonds and walnuts.  Oh my goodness it was so good!  It didn't seem like a gas station.  But for reals, check it out!  Buc-ee's.  It's been on TV because of how famous it is here in Texas.

This week we've gotten a lot of rain!  On Tuesday night, we all woke up to the biggest thunder/lightning storm I've ever seen!  Oh my goodness those were some of the freakiest lightning bolts I've ever witnessed!  And the thunder was so loud.  At about 5 AM when we were all looking out the window in awe, the power went out! And it didn't come back on when we woke up.  So mom. That's right. Me. I got ready with no power.  How proud are you of me?!;) I had to hop in the shower, turn on the water for like 2 seconds to get my hair wet- then turn it back off.  Put shampoo in my hair, wash off- then turn the water back on to rinse off AS FAST AS I COULD.  It was crazy, I felt pretty Amish.  Then my hair had to air dry and it was pretty flat to my face.. And that didn't look great.  So I tried to do extra pretty makeup to cancel it out.. But I don't think it quite worked all the wayJ.  Anyways, I was pretty proud of myself for getting ready without power!  We had a lesson to be at right at 12, so the life doesn't stop here on the mission!  The show must go on.

Ashleigh sent home her SD card from Mexico City, so I'm going to attach a few of those pictures along with a few of the pics she  sent me this week from Texas.  Sorry, I can't tell you who every one is, but these pictures made me smile.  In case you were wondering, Ashleigh's email address is still the same .  She'd love to hear from you.  She can read emails almost ever day, but she can only write on p-day, which is Monday.

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