Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

His Work, His Mission - Aug 29, 2016

Hello everyone! I hope your week was absolutely incredible and you
were able to see the hand of the Lord in your life. He's always there!

What another great week in the Mighty TSAM! The Lord blessed us with
many many wonderful lessons. I am becoming more and more grateful for
the incredible tools and resources we are given to further the work.
One of these tools that I've really come to rely heavily on, is Preach
My Gospel. This morning I was studying from  PMG in ch. 4 (Recognize
the Spirit), and I felt as though the words were speaking directly to
me. On the bottom of pg. 97 there's a section titled "Relying on the
Spirit". I'd like to share with you a piece of what I read and learned
so much from-

"As the Lord’s servant, you are to do His work in His way and by His
power. Some missionaries feel confident that they know how to be
successful. Others lack such confidence. Remember, however, that your
confidence and faith should be in Christ, not in yourself. Rely on the
Spirit rather than your own talents and abilities. Trust the Spirit to
guide you in every aspect of your work."

WOW.  The words spoke directly to me. Sometimes I have felt as though
I don't have enough confidence in my amount of knowledge of the
gospel, or how to be a "successful" missionary. Sometimes I have felt
that I know "exactly how to be a successful missionary". But I was
looking at the confidence in the wrong person! My confidence
absolutely must be in Christ. I also love how it says we "are to do
His work in His way and by His power". During my personal studies this
morning I was able to receive an incredible amount of light- this
REALLY is His work. This is not my mission, so things are going to
happen in my way and my timing. It's all Him. I love the words of
great wisdom that President Gordon B. Hinkley's father shared with
him- "Forget yourself and get to work!" The Lord most definitely
needed to show me that I have some humbling to do. I will strive
throughout the rest of my mission to remember that this is truly His
work, and His mission.

Our area, Palo Alto YSA is doing great! We were able to have so many
lessons with less actives this week; the Lord is blessing us so much!
I have had the blessed privilege to see many of the lost sheep return
to the flock; and it is so beautiful. I absolutely love the members of
the branch so much, I can just see the desire they have to do
missionary work. We are shown so much kindness and love from them, it
really makes me tear up sometimes. I am beyond grateful.

My companion Sister Stenquist, is such a leader! I am in awe when I
watch her teach the restored gospel truths. I can tell her testimony
is on fire. Her faith in the Lord and his promised blessings is rock
solid. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to learn and grow from
her. I look up to her very very highly. We get along incredibly well
too, and have lots of fun together.

Every Tuesday and Friday we go to the San Antonio FoodBank, and do
service. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THE FOODBANK. I absolutely love to do
service there, it is so fun! Well this last Tuesday, I had an
experience that wasn't exactly 100% fun, but more of a terrifying one.
😉 We were putting labels on cans of Spinach, and I knelt down to get
the ones on the bottom rack. All of a sudden, I felt what I thought
was just an tickle on my shoulder. When I went to scratch my shoulder,
I felt a huge bump under my shirt. Very quickly realizing that bump in
my shirt was causing the tickling sensation, I jumped in the air, let
out a horrid high-pitched scream, and grabbed my shirt and squeezed
the heck out of the bump to trap whatever it was in my hand. I HEARD
THE EARTH. I looked over to my companion and screamed, "There's a bug
in my shirt, HELP!"😂😂 (Looking back now, we laugh because I was an
utter fool!) But she yelped, grabbed my sleeve and turned it inside
out. Out fell a huge, nasty, scary, black beetle and crunched up and
dead from my death squeeze! Wow, I thought I was going to die. Daliah
(the lady who works at the FoodBank), had to come over and calm me
down because I was freaking out just a "tiny" bit.. ;) I guess the
beetle had fallen from the ceiling into the back of the collar of my
shirt as I was kneeling on the floor. It was an absolute terrifying
experience, and I told Daliah that I had just pretty much lived the
movie, "The Mummy"- she laughed really hard. Anyways, I am all better
now, and I am still alive ;) After it happened though, everyone at the
FoodBank kept coming up behind me and using pencils and little feather
to swipe my back so I'd think there was another bug! It was horrible,
I jumped so many times! But there was so much laughter that day 😉

We have a few new investigators! Mark, Diego and his family, and
Linda. All of them are absolutely great, I will keep you updated on
their progress! Right now Linda is working towards baptism, and we
will be setting her with a goal date this week- we're so excited!

Our Mission President and his wife, President and Sister Polley, came
to our Sacrament Meeting yesterday. It was so wonderful to have them
there, they bring such and incredible spirit everywhere they go. I
absolutely love and adore them so much!

I'll close again today with my testimony in Spanish.
La iglesia es verdadero. José Smith fue un profeta fiel de Dios.
Quiero seguir el ejemplo de su fe. Mi misión es el misión del Señor.
Todo ocurrirá en su manera y su tiempo. Estoy muy agradecido por las
escrituras. Yo sé que cuando leemos las escrituras, podemos sentir más
cerca con nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial y su hijo, Jesucristo. En el
nombre de Jesucristo, amén.

I love you all so much! Thank you for your love, support, and prayers.
I pray for each of you and your happiness. Remember the Lord is
all-knowing, and blessings will come in His way and His timing. Watch
for His hand in every aspect of your lives this week, He's there.
Have an incredible week!


Hermana Freeman

Here's a cute picture of our little branch :')

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